Premier Abiy Responding to Questions from Members of Parliament

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed is responding to questions put to him by members of the parliament (MPs) at the 14th regular session of the House of People's Representatives (HPR). During the regular sessions, the representatives have raised a number of issues including current affairs of the country, peace and security, diplomacy, issues related to access to seaport among others. In his response, the prime minister said that ensuring durable peace and security in Ethiopia is imperative to realize the country's development, prosperity and coexistence. Noting that peace is the most expensive commodity for a nation, the premier criticized the political trends that has resulted in the peace and security problems. In this case, one of the major problems is that politicians prefer violence to attain their political interest instead struggling with ideas to fulfill their interest. This challenge has been witnessed in Ethiopian body politics during the past 50 years, he indicated. The trend has remaine d a critical fracture of the nation to nurture a better democratic system, Abiy noted. 'One of the erroneous cultures is that the political forces of this country have been aspiring to power through the barrel of guns and not with ideas. This is a real fracture,' the prime minister mentioned Source: Ethiopian News Agency