PM Abiy’s Agricola Medal Award Symbolic Achievement: Chinese Embassy Deputy Chief

Addis Ababa: The Agricola Medal awarded to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his contribution to rural and economic development in Ethiopia by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a symbolic achievement of leadership, Chinese Embassy Deputy Chief Shen Qinmin said. In a ceremony held in Rome, Italy, last week Prime Minister Abiy has been awarded the prestigious FAO Agricola Medal. FAO awarded this prestigious award to the prime minister, for his vision, leadership and commitment to food security and nutrition and the pursuit of innovative solutions in wheat self-sufficiency in the context of fast-changing and challenging circumstances. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Chinese Embassy Deputy Chief Shen Qinmin said the Agricola Medal awarded to the premier for his contribution to rural and economic development in Ethiopia by FAO is a symbolic achievement of leadership. 'This (The Agricola Medal awarded to Prime Minister Abiy) is a symbol of achievement made by the current government a nd we are happy. And also my government always a helping hand in this regard; to secure the food supply,' he elaborated. He stated that with the current government's commitment to transform agriculture there is no doubt that Ethiopia will register remarkable change soon. The Deputy Chief reaffirmed his country's continued support in further strengthen its support to the government of Ethiopia in this regard. 'In the long term, I think Ethiopia will stand by itself proudly. They will finally resolve the issue of food supply for every Ethiopians; we are confident. We are not only confident but also along this course we will help and play a helping role,' he emphasized. Speaking of Ethiopia's admission to the BRICS bloc, he commended the diplomatic leadership of PM Abiy and congratulated the government and people of Ethiopia. 'I should congratulate your country and also the leadership of PM Abiy Ahmed Ali for joining the BRICS countries. The BRICS country is the leading voice of the emerging market countrie s and a voice for the people of developing countries,' Deputy Chief Qinmin pointed out. The Embassy of China in Addis Ababa is accelerating in making the future bright for the Ethiopia and China cooperation, he added. 'With the admission of Ethiopia to BRICS and the upgrading of the bilateral relations; we are going to have a brighter future in so many areas like the agriculture products export to China,' he noted Source: Ethiopian News Agency