NAM Sets to Expand Cooperation, Strengthen Partnership Among Developing Countries: State Minister Misganu

Addis Ababa: State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mesganu Arga said that the 19th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has emphasized the need for partnership among developing nations. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his delegation participated at the 19th Summit of NAM that took place in Kampala, Uganda. Briefing the media about the conference, State Minister Mesganu said that Ethiopia is a founding member of the NAM and has contributed a lot for the independence of African countries since inception. He also mentioned that the NAM has been playing a major role in ensuring the sovereign rights of countries so that they are able to collaborate and forge their ability not to subdue by influence. Member states of the Non-Aligned Movement has been making great efforts for the reform of the United Nations, international organizations and financial institutions as they are not inclusive enough, the state minister said. In this regard, the state minister also said international organizations have become inclusive and improved, yielding developing nations to speak up the voice of Africa. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who participated at the summit conveyed a message, stating that we should raise our voices together to forge collaboration in a manner that the international institutions incorporate the voices of developing countries, the state minister added. He recalled that in his speech delivered at the conference, the Prime Minister Abiy noted that landlocked countries are facing challenges in their efforts to address development issues and the demand of their population. Ethiopia is seeking a peaceful option to address the challenge of access to seaport based on peaceful means, the principle of give and take and mutual benefit, the State Minister Mesganu emphasized Source: Ethiopian News Agency