Ministry of Irrigation and Lowlands, Embassy of UAE Set to Unlock Ethiopia’s Lowland potential

Addis Ababa, Minister of Irrigation and Lowlands Aisha Mohammed and UAE’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mohamed Salem Al Rashedi held discussion on ways of enhancing collaboration on key aspects of lowland development, especially commercial farming investments.

By fostering collaboration and exchange of expertise between Ethiopia and the UAE, we aim to unlock the enormous potential of Ethiopia’s lowlands, the Ministry of Irrigation and Lowlands said in a statement.

During the discussion, the officials focused on key aspects of lowland development, especially commercial farming investments and large-scale irrigation infrastructure development,

Exploration of innovative and sustainable approaches to modernize and rehabilitate irrigation schemes in order to enhance agricultural productivity and ensure food security were also priority areas of the discussion.

The discussion concluded with a commitment to taking the next steps towards realizing our shared vision for agricultural development.

This collaboration is set to benefit both nations and contribute to the global efforts towards a more food-secure and sustainable future, the statement said

Source: Ethiopian News Agency