Minister, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Discuss Upcoming Sustainable Development Conference

Planning and Development Minister, Fitsum Assefa and UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Catherine Sozi have discussed the sustainable development conference which will be held in the US in September 2023.

During the discussion, Fitsum explained that development works which brought about results have been carried out despite the various challenges both at home and abroad.

According to her, Ethiopia has effective experiences that should be raised at the conference and adequate preparations are being made for this.

UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Catherine Sozi appreciated Ethiopia’s commitment and the practical measures it has been taking to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

The country is also carrying out many activities in rehabilitation and humanitarian assistance, she noted, calling on all development partners to extend support for the rehabilitation and humanitarian assistance efforts of the Government of Ethiopia.

Sozi pointed out that Ethiopia is expected to present an organized and instructive report at the Sustainable Development Goals Conference.

The country is expected to present the actions that have been taking in fighting poverty, accelerating economic growth and increasing per capita income, narrowing the income gap of citizens ,and other economic and social fields.

Ethiopia has submitted the 2017 Sustainable Development Goals Survey Report on a voluntary basis.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency