Medemer Right Course to Advance, Develop Ethiopia: PP Political Affairs Head

With '' Medemer '' an indigenous idea and philosophy espoused and developed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia is on the right course to once again become an advanced and developed nation, Prosperity Party (PP) Political Affairs Head Zadig Abraha said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Zadig said Ethiopia has a glorious past but at some point in time that bridge got broken and it only depended on foreign ideas to change the Ethiopian reality.

It is one thing to try to learn from others and not wasting our time on reinventing a wheel that is already invented, he stated, adding “however; an absolute reliance on others idea had a lot to do with a lot of initiatives that had come and gone and ended up in abortive effort.”

So I believe that if Ethiopia is going to find its way back to its glorious past, domestic thinkers should play pivotal role, the Political Affairs Head said, and added that the Medemer idea and philosophy espoused, developed and packaged by the prime minister will in a way solve this quite essential shortcoming that was the reason for our failures.

“So with these things ramped up in peace it will enable us it will give us the time and focus to embark ourselves on the comprehensive implementation of the Medemer with that view in mind Ethiopia has the brighter future in the coming years and your age-old intergenerational dream of making Ethiopia an advanced and developed nation will be put on the right course,” Zadig elaborated.

The generation of idea should happen on relay basis and Premier Abiy has done his level best, he stated, and stressed “the intellectuals should also play their part.”

Furthermore, he called on the coming generation to focus on developing the Medemer idea as it is intergenerational exercise.

“So Medemer, I believe will solve this age-old problem of Ethiopians, but if Medemer is going to be up to that the prime minister has done to his level best; he has written more than 3 books now and I believe it will continue for the coming years, and produced a number of articles, presentations with the view to selling the idea to the rest of the public. If we embark ourselves into that kind of project I believe Medemer will be up to the task of finding our own way of making us developed nation once again. I think we are on the right track,” he emphasized.

The past 5 years were met with tremendous challenges including war and a lot of things, he pointed out, and underscored the coming years are going to be better because we are dealing with these problems.”

“Medemer as a way of leading Ethiopia to the future, we have embarked ourselves on the road not taken. You know the roads we have taken so far has ended up in cyclic failure but from the glimpse of it; so far we have been implementing it for the last five years, I believe it has enabled us to go somewhere,” he added.

Medemer, an Amharic word to signify synergy, is a new framework of thought promoted by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed with a view to expediting transformation in all aspects of the country including politics, social, and economic development.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency