Gov’t Started No Conflict in Country: PM Abiy

Addis Ababa, The government has never started a single conflict in the country, but defended national sovereignty, peace, and security, PM Abiy said.

Responding to questions posed by the House of People's Representatives today, the premier said that refraining from engaging in any conflict is essential as it prevents death, destruction, and prosperity.

Abiy urged all to focus on dialogue and discussion instead of killing each other.

“My advice to our brothers who are carrying guns in different places is, please let us not undermine peace. Let us protect peace because that is what we want,” he emphasized.

The ruling party is clear that it is important to collaboratively demolish the wall that separates us and build the bridge for the present and next generation.

Stating that the Prosperity Party (PP) values love, forgiveness, togetherness, and prosperity, he called on all to take peace seriously.

If there are any grievances, they must be addressed through peaceful dialogue and discussion, the premier stressed, adding that PP is the only party in the history of the country that has included opposition party members in its cabinet.

The premier reaffirmed that there is nothing that can hinder the government to discuss with political parties through peaceful dialogue.

The 4th regular session of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) is underway

Source: Ethiopian News Agency