Gov’t Giving Priority to Peace Options to Ensure Lasting Peace, Stability: Communication Service Minister

Addis Ababa: The Government of Ethiopia has been working diligently to resolve armed conflicts through dialogue in order to achieve lasting peace and stability in the country, according to the Government Communication Service.

Briefing the media today, Government Communication Service Minister Legesse Tulu said the various coordinated attempts by different groups from inside and outside to violently impose their evil political and economic agendas on the people were foiled.

The nation has managed to reverse their violent political campaigns in cooperation with the people, he added.

Yet, attempts to create an unstable atmosphere in terms of peace and security continue to be challenges for nation-state building, the minster pointed out.

Legesse noted the government has opened the doors of peace to all armed forces; and it is working diligently to resolve issues raised by the various armed groups through dialogue.

Moreover, it has established a National Dialogue Commission and similar institutions to solve
the problem from the grassroots.

Several measures have also been taken to ensure lasting peace.

No grievance or demand can be addressed through violent means by going against the economic and political interests of the people and destroying wealth and property, he stressed.

With respect to issues related to Amhara region, Legesse said prevalence of peace in the region has been showing significant improvement and development activities are being carried out as a result of the efforts of the government and inhabitants of the region.

Following the call for peace made by the regional government, thousands of armed militants who were misled by the propaganda of the violent groups have returned to peaceful life.

About 2,500 armed militants, including those with heavy weapons, have given up themselves recently and entered rehabilitation centers.

Before the call for peace, more than 5,500 members of the armed groups had been arrested; and of those more than 4,000 had received rehabilitation training and joined
the community, the minister stated.

In order to ensure peace and stability in the region, the task of reorganizing leaderships at all levels has been carried out down to the lower administrative structure.

With respect to the conflict in Oromia region, better understanding was reached with Shene on most issues in two rounds of talks held in Dar-es-Selaam,Tanzania; but the negotiations failed due to the group’s position that is against the interest of the country.

According to Legesse, the terrorist group has suffered severe human and material loss as the government continues to enforce law in the region.

Law enforcement operations will continue unabated against the group which has been trying to create havoc through robbery and murder in the region.

The minister underscored the need for unity of thought and action to overcome current challenges and ensure universal peace, development and prosperity in the country.
Source: Ethiopian News Agency