Foreigners Residing in Ethiopia without Legal Permit Urgently Required to Acquire Legal Document

The Immigration and Citizenship Service (ICS) has announced today that foreign nationals who are residing in Ethiopia without legal permit are strongly urged to acquire legal document within one month. ICS Director General Selamawit Dawit told the media today that over 18,000 foreign nationals are living in Ethiopia with fake documents. In addition, there are a large number of foreign nationals residing in the country without fulfilling the immigration rules and regulations of the country, she added. According to ICS Director General, migrants are living in Ethiopia using fake ID, residence visa, and company names. She added that the Immigration and Citizenship Service (ICS) is working in collaboration with federal police to bring these foreigners to the legal system. Therefore, she strongly urged foreign nationals who are living in the country without legal permit to bring their document to the immigration and citizenship service from first week of January 2024. Legal measures will be taken against th ose who fail to register within the dates of this announcement, it warned. Source: Ethiopian News Agency