Ethiopia Working Towards More Diversified, Inclusive Diplomatic Engagements: Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

Ethiopia is working towards more diversified and inclusive diplomatic engagements in bilateral, regional, continental, and multilateral venues, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Meles Alem said in his biweekly press briefing today that works will be carried out to take the country's diplomatic relations to a higher level and strengthen partnership in the current Ethiopia budget year.

He pointed out that activities are underway towards a more diversified and inclusive diplomatic engagements in bilateral, regional, continental and multilateral venues.

Diversification and inclusivity of holistic and cross-cutting engagements in the areas of aviation, sports, cultural and people-to-people diplomacy will be the focus during the current fiscal year, the spokesperson disclosed.

He stated that efforts have been made to rejuvenate diplomatic relations with countries that were strained following the war in the north. As part of this, efforts will be made to increase the number of friendly countries.

Ethiopia is working on normalizing relations with the United States and the European Union along with boosting relations Asian, Pacific and South American countries, Meles stated.

In the Middle East, the Spokesperson disclosed, the Government is working closely with countries of the Gulf to further boost the multifaceted relations, especially in the areas of trade, investment and job opportunities for our nationals in those nations.

The overall diplomatic engagements of the country in multilateral fora including the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) will be guided by its commitment to multilateralism and enhancing its participation.

Ethiopia’s main foreign policy imperative in the neighboring countries is ensuring peace and stability as well as economic integration bolstered by people-to-people and infrastructural linkages, according to the Meles.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency