Ethiopia Begins Its First-ever National Dialogue

Addis Ababa: Addis Ababa is going to officially begin the chapter of dialogue today, as part of Ethiopia’s first-ever national dialogue and a highly anticipated nationwide consultation project in response to historical and contemporary contradictions.

The eleven-member Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission is entrusted with promoting an all-inclusive consultations and reconciliation process that will mend rifts, foster agreement on important national matters, and assist the nation in resolving its intricate difficulties.

Since its establishment, the Commission has been conducting various activities including identification of participants.

The national dialogue has now reached the final chapter, with an agenda gathering event, set to start in Addis Ababa this morning.

The national dialogue sessions in Addis Ababa run from 29 May to June 4, 2024, bringing representatives drawn from various segments of the society.

This is a stage in which the participants will jointly select agenda items pertinent for di

This session of the dialogue is also a stage in which representatives from respective localities will be elected to join other participants from regions and other stakeholders for a dialogue to be conducted at national level.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency