Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti Birhanu Tsagaye affirmed that the long-standing diplomatic relations between the two countries continue to strengthen in all spheres.

Ambassador Birhanu characterized the Ethio-Djibouti ties as an inseparable, mutual friendship that has endured through the ages.

He told ENA that the two countries have been working in partnership and based on mutual benefits in the areas of water, roads, railways, electric power, ports and other vital development sectors.

The countries are enjoying encouraging cooperation in the areas of political, economic, trade and infrastructure based on mutual trust, the ambassador indicated.

He said the people of Ethiopia and Djibouti are strongly interlinked with culture, language and other social bandages.

Regarding infrastructure, the Ambassador noted collaborative efforts are being underway to improve road conditions from Djibouti to Ethiopia.

The countries are also working to address complaints about Djibouti’s customs services and expedite imports at Djibouti’s ports.

Ambassador Birhanu highlighted joint initiatives like transporting fertilizer at a rate of 5-6 tons per day.

He also highlighted how the two countries implemented Green Legacy Initiative by importing seedlings from Ethiopia.

The ambassador reaffirmed the commitment of the countries to supporting each other and overcoming challenges together.

The two countries have started diplomatic ties in 1984, building on a long history of cultural, linguistic and social bonds

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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