ENA Endeavoring to Foster Nat’l Consensus, Image Building: CEONudo reinstates suspended and expelled members

Addis Ababa: The new media complex inaugurated today marks a new height, positioning the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) to promote Ethiopia's global image and foster national consensus, Seife Derbe, CEO of the agency, stated during the inaugural event. Stating the inauguration of the new media complex underpinned its motto 'ENA in a New Heights,' Seife said the agency will commit itself to strengthening efforts of national consensus and image building. Now, ENA is on equal footing to compete with international news agencies, he said, noting that the agency is working in conjunction with other international media outlets. ENA has also been engaged in presenting the correct portrayal of Ethiopia to the world and image building for 82 years, he said. For meaningful communication of Ethiopia's reform imperatives to the international community, ENA is endeavoring to this effect, the CEO stressed. He disclosed that ENA is invited to join BRICS' media forum. The new state-of-the-art media complex is part of the r eform in the sphere of media, the CEO said. Featuring three modern TV studios and four radio studios, the facility enables the agency to fulfill its duties. 'We will share contents in three international languages, English, Arabic and French and preparation is also underway to open regional offices,' the CEO said. Source: Ethiopian News Agency OPUWO: The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) on Saturday resolved to adopt the National Executive Committee's recommendations and reinstate suspended and expelled party members who were accused of fragmenting party legislation and sowing disunity, among other reasons. This is according to a statement issued on Tuesday by Kapukatua Kuvare, Nudo National Council's vice chairperson. Nudo's National Council in a meeting in Windhoek on Sunday resolved to lift the suspension of National Council member Ambros Mundjindjiri and reinstate him to his previous position, as well as the reinstatement of former long-serving Okakarara constituency councillor Vetaruhe Kandorozu, who faced off against Utjiua Muinjangue in the party's internal election for the top nine members of Nudo's leadership in 2019 and lost by a small margin. Following the election in which the majority of Kandorozu's camp members lost to Muinjangue's faction, the party became embroiled in a war of words between the two factions, prompting the current leadership to suspend and ultimately remove Kandorozu from the party. Kandorozu was accused of orchestrating an anti-Muinjangue campaign during the 2020 presidential and national assembly elections, urging his supporters to vote for former independent candidate Panduleni Itula, who currently serves as the President of Independent Patriots for Change. 'After a lengthy discussion on this topic, the NC confirmed the NEC's decision of October 2022 to re-instate the expelled members as ordinary members without their previous positions as a punishment for their transgression for sowing disunity within the party,' stated Kuvare. Furthermore, Kuvare added that the party reinstated Nudo council members Veneruru Korumbo and Mbamanovandu Tuamunika following a protracted period of disciplinary proceedings in which they were accused of bringing the party into disrepute. During Sunday's meeting, the party endorsed the NEC's decision to hold the National Elective Congress on 27 April 2024 in Windhoek. Accor ding to Kuvare, the opposition party has formed a National Elective Congress Organising Committee (NGOC) that will report to the Secretary-General (SG) and includes Nockey Kaapehi, Israel Hukura, Nokokure Veii, Vetondisa Tjijenda, Chief Boas Tjingaete and Chief Rukambe Uazukuani. Source: The Namibia Press Agency