Divisive Narration Main Problem of Ethiopia, Says Prime Minister

Addis Ababa, The main and aggravating problem of Ethiopia is a divisive narration, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The 4th regular session of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) is underway in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Responding to queries put to him from the house members, he stressed that the divisive narration in the country is destructive to the country.

Instead, a grand narration brings people together, he stated.

In addition, conspiracy theory and emotions are the other reasons for the current problems in the country.

“The way we look at our problems should not be driven by emotion and conspiracy. We have to come to a solution with common understanding.

Ethiopia is the outcome of its citizen. Together we can live and prosper,” the premier said.

By pulling our ideas together like the tributary rivers of the Nile, the narrative to be built should be in a manner conducive to peace, development and prosperity of mankind.

He pointed out that coming out of extremist ideas to a balanced thought is what Ethiopia expects and needs from every citizen at the moment.

A country cannot be built by a single narration, the PM noted, adding that it is necessary to work together for a common cause by listening and respecting each other.

Regarding the Prosperity Party, Abiy said that some are making wrong observations and putting labels on the party.

But Prosperity Party is a party working to build national unity.

The party works with a participatory and unifying agenda, and does not promote divisiveness at all.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency