Diplomacy Exhibition Successfully Depicted Ethiopia’s Foreign Relations, Diplomacy

The history of Ethiopia’s foreign relations and diplomacy was well depicted at the Diplomacy Exhibition held for the past 48 days at the Science Museum in Addis Ababa, State Minister Ambassador Birtukan Ayano said.

President Sahle-Work Zewde opened the Diplomacy Exhibition under the theme “From an African Hub to the World” with the view to highlighting Ethiopia’s diplomatic history, current diplomatic achievements, and potential for future diplomatic endeavors on January 11, 2024.

Briefing the media today, State Minister Birtukan Ayano said the exhibition has shown the height of Ethiopia’s diplomacy.

The diplomatic activities from ancient to contemporary times and the diplomatic works carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the last 116 years was also displayed.

According to the state minister, Ethiopia’s diplomatic history has a rich history and had ups and downs.

Ethiopia is a nation with a long history of government that protected its independence, and founding member of international inst
itutions and organizations.

The exhibition scanned the journey of the past 116 years and showed the traces of Ethiopia’s bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, Birtukan stated.

The exhibition visited by more than 250,000 Ethiopians, other diplomatic corps and foreigners has created opportunity to show Ethiopia’s achievements, challenges and future directions in its diplomatic history.

It was helpful to learn from this rich history in order to effectively manage current and future challenges and establish a strong foundation to execute Ethiopia’s foreign relations.

The state minister emphasized the need to further embrace digital diplomacy by utilizing various digital mechanisms to enhance diplomatic capacity in the modern digital era.

The 48-day diplomacy exhibition had four objectives and three frameworks which provided a good platform for dialogue, reflection, and engagement on the future of diplomacy, Birtukan elaborated.

Ethiopia is a founding member of the UN with its substantial involvement in worl
dwide peacekeeping missions such as in Korea, Liberia, Rwanda, Somalia, and other countries.

Moreover, the country’s diplomacy was instrumental in the establishment of the Organization of African Union, the predecessor of the African Union.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency