Dev’t Activities on Natural Resources Would Lay Foundation for Ethiopia’s Prosperity: House Speaker

Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives, Tagese Chafo underscored that the development activities being carried out on natural resources by linking them with human power would lay foundation to realizing Ethiopia's prosperity.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other senior government officials had conducted a two-day visit on the development works being carried out in Jimma, Oromia region and its surrounding areas.

In his trip, the prime minister mainly visited development activities on “Yelemat Tirufat,” a national development campaign which was launched by the premier himself that focuses on nutritional opulence.

Yelemat Tirufat is a development initiative being carried out across Ethiopia with the objective to ensure food self-sufficiency at the family and national levels.

Abiy and those senior government officials also reviewed the agricultural activities under progress in the areas and tourism development projects in Jimma City through the "Dine for Generation" initiative.

Recall Prime Minister Abiy had disclosed last March the plan to develop eight tourism sites in different parts of the country under Dine for Generation initiative which are believed to greatly stimulate Ethiopia's tourism activity, enabling citizens to benefit more from the sector.

Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives,Tagese Chafo who was also part of the visit said that he has witnessed the implementation of many development projects that have benefited the people of Jimma Zone.

The speaker pointed out that encouraging work is being done in the cultivation of coffee, rice, vegetables and fruits as well as activities being underway in tourism development in the area.

The development activities being carried out by the federal government in coordination with the Oromia region are on an effective path, he affirmed.

Such ongoing development works are therefore instrumental at the national level that would lay the foundation to realizing the prosperity of Ethiopia, the Speaker noted.

He was very much impressed by the encouraging achievements being registered in the cultivation of wheat and rice.

“The wheat and rice farms demonstrate the fact that it is possible to achieve the target of three or four times as much cultivation in cluster farming in a very short period of time here in Jimma zone. Similarly, extensive works have been done in fruits and vegetables. This entails that if we work hard, we can ensure the prosperity of our country in a short period of time.”

The speaker also explained that development works that benefit the people play vital role in building sustainable peace.

Noting that Ethiopians have been able to maintain their unity by overcoming together several challenges they had encountered, Tagese stressed the need to strengthening this solidarity by connecting it with development activities.

In this regard, he pointed out that the works that have been undertaken on Yelemat Tirufat and tourism development are encouraging.

Former Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives, Abadula Gemeda said on his part that many development works have been carried out in Jimma city and its surroundings specially to enhance the productivity of rice and coffee.

Abadula further mentioned that the tourism development activities being carried out in Jimma city through the Dine for Generation initiative have the potential to make the city a tourist destination.

He also pointed out that the agricultural development activities being underway through Yelemat Tirufat program are playing an important role in facilitating the growth of Ethiopia's economy.

In this case, Abadula urged the leadership of the country to work more in maintaining and replicating the success stories recorded in other parts of Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency