Ambassador Calls Ethiopians in Uganda to Support “Dine for Generation” Initiatives

Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda, Etsegenet Bezabih has called on Ethiopians in Uganda to jointly celebrate upcoming Africa Day.

The ambassador made the call during an event hosted by Ethiopian Embassy in Kampala to officially welcome her as the new Ambassador to Uganda and introduce her and new staff to representatives of various Diaspora Associations in Uganda.

Ambassador called Ethiopians in Uganda for their support for the “Dine for Generation” Initiatives that aim to scale up tourism in Ethiopia.

Members of religious communities, Ethiopian Community Association, Resource Mobilization Task Force Committee, Youth Union, GERD Council, Women’s Networking Platform, Ethiopian Airlines Uganda Area Manager, Ethiopians living in Uganda and Embassy Staff, attended the program.

She warmly welcomed the guests and delivered an opening remark following the Religious Leaders’ Invocation and the Tour of Duty’s best wishes.

Cherishing the cordial relations that the community has had with the Embassy in the past she said, adding that the favorable responses from the community to the Embassy’s calls on various national issues had been recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

She also introduced new diplomats from the embassy and stated her sincere belief in the current coordinators’ willingness to strengthen the Embassy’s and the community’s solid familial relations.

Ambassador Etsgenet urged the Association Representatives to take part in the celebration of Africa Day, which the Group of the African Ambassadors accredited to Uganda will host on May 25, 2023.

She also forwarded her calls to the Association to support the Embassy’s ongoing national call to raise funds for the “Dine for Generation” Initiatives that aim at developing eight more Ethiopian tourism destinations.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency