Africa is Capable of Being Key Player in Multilateral World Order, DPM, FM Demeke Says

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Demeke Mekonnen, stated that Ethiopia joined the BRICS because it regards the group as an ideal partnership for securing more robust development-focused financing and investment. Demeke made the remark during a panel discussion moderated by the World Economic Forum's Center for Regions, Trade, and Geopolitics in Davos, Switzerland. The panel discussion was held on the role of middle powers in the current multipolar world order, in which multiple actors and middle powers appear to have replaced the unipolar order, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the occasion, he said that joining BRICS is not about picking sides, as BRICS is not against any single country or grouping. He further explained that the BRICS aspires to a more fair international system, which Ethiopia supports. The engagement of the world's middle powers is becoming a reality as changes in security, economy, and digital capabilities create a multipolar international order in place of the unipolar world. He stated that it is time for a just multipolar global order in which players are expected to address both the problems of deprived societies and the structural development of developing countries. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister went on to say that, despite numerous challenges, Africa is rising and will be able to play an important role in the world as multilateral players and middle powers replace the unipolar World Order. Source: Ethiopian News Agency