Ex-Sony Music boss promises to develop Nigeria’s digital music

Lagos, Mr Michael Ugwu, former General Manager, Sony Music West Africa, has promised that the scope of opportunities of digital music in Nigeria will be developed to boost the industry.

Ugwu made the promise in a statement in Lagos on Monday, following his appointment on Jan. 8 into the Board of Merlin Network to represent Africa.

The statement was issued by Jonah Solomon, Public Relations Officer, Yadel Media.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Ugwu is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of one of Nigeria's online digital music distributor, Freeme Digital, launched in 2018.

He said: We will continue to expand the scope of opportunities and the frontiers of digital music for the emerging generation of independent artists in Nigeria and across Africa.''

The former Sony Music boss said he was among the eight new executives to represent Africa on Merlin's 15-member Board.

According to him, this is the first time a Nigerian will be appointed to the board, as the seat had been previously occupied by South Africa.

He said that the appointment was an important milestone in the evolution of Nigeria's music industry, its growing acceptance and expanding footprint in the global music scene.

I am humbled by this appointment. It is another testament that the music industry is making the expected progress.

The talents, hard work and investments in the industry continue to gain deserved recognition.

As far as the Nigerian music industry is concerned, Freeme Digital remains committed to the rights and opportunities of independents artists, he said.

Ugwu said that as the general manager, he expanded Sony Music in West Africa prior to exiting in August 2019.

Merlin is a Europe-based digital rights agency for independent record labels.

It has a membership of over 20,000 independent record labels and distributors from 62 countries with offices in London, Tokyo and New York.

Other new executives in the Board are from Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, North America and South Korea.

Other incoming Board members are Alexandria Hock of Better Noise Music; Carlos Mills of Mills Records; and Chan Kim of FLUXUS, Inc.

Other Board members are: Katie Alberts of Reach Records; Marie Clausen of Ninja Tune; Merida Sussex of Stolen Recordings; and Pieter van Rijn of FUGA.

Source: African News Agency