Back to school campaigns conclude with a mark across the Limpopo Province

The police in the Tzaneen Cluster led by Maj Gen Maggy Mathebula and Letsitele Station Commander, Lt Col Erasmus conducted back to school campaigns today that also included donation of school uniforms at two local schools around Letsitele policing area. The management was accompanied by members of Corporate Communication, Social Crime Prevention and various stakeholders.

The following stakeholders addressed learners on various topics. Department of Education, Department of Health, SGB Traditional healers, CPF, CSF and YCOP.

Some of the issues that were addressed include challenges faced by learners, how to report crime and learners were encouraged to report any crime or abuse and to refrain from gangsterism and criminal activities in general.

Other issues that were addressed are as follows:

-Where to report crime, child abuse, missing persons, taking care during back to school, gangsterism, theft, assaults, bullying, dangerous weapons, dangers of hitch hiking and of walking alone in secluded areas especially nights. Parents were warned not to send children to shops at late hours and in unsafe places.

The speakers concluded by sharing safety hints at these schools, (Nkambako Primary School with 849 learners and Mahwahwa Secondary School with 988 learners).

Source: South African Police Service