Day: June 2, 2024

SA awaits election results

All eyes are on the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) as South Africans eagerly await the outcome of the 2024 National and Provincial Elections.

The official results are expected to be announced at the commission’s Results Operations Centre …

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Call for caution amid expected cold snap

With a drop in temperatures expected in various parts of the country, the City of Tshwane has appealed to residents to stay safe during the cold weather.

‘A drop in temperatures over parts of the country, including the City of Tshwane as forecast by …

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SAHRC gives 2024 elections the thumbs up

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has endorsed the 2024 National and Provincial Elections as having been free and fair.

‘The South African Human Rights Commission endorses the 2024 National General Elections as free and fair,’ the com…

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Security Cluster ready to enforce law and order

The Justice, Crime Prevention and Security (JCPS) Cluster says it stands ready to deal with any threats of instability ahead of the declaration of the election results in Midrand this evening.

‘As the Security Cluster, we assure South Africans that l…

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Ninety arrested over the course of 2024 elections

Ninety people were arrested over the three days of elections earlier this week, National Police Commissioner Fannie Masemola said on Sunday.

On the first day of special votes on Monday, police registered 26 cases and arrested 24 people.

On the secon…

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Sun sets on 2024 elections

The sun has set on the most arguably contested election in the history of South Africa, with voting, vote counting and the capturing of results completed.

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) declared the official results during a ceremony …

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Stage set for final election results

The stage is set at the Electoral Commission’s (IEC) National Results Operations Centre (ROC) in Midrand, as South Africa waits with baited breath for the results of the 2024 National and Provincial Elections.

Held on Wednesday, 29 May 2024, the elec…

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2024 election results a victory for democracy

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the final announcement of the 2024 National and Provincial Elections represents a victory for democracy, constitutional order and for all the people of South Africa.

Addressing the ceremony held to announce the results …

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